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Personal and Business Banking

This is a bank account – but not as you know it. It’s personal, joint, Naira and business banking that’s mobile and built for the way we live now.

With the Vaults banking app you’ll get instant notifications when you spend or get paid, insights that reveal your spending habits, no fees overseas, 24/7 support and an application that only takes minutes.

The Personal Account

Get spending insights, work towards saving goals, split the bill, get paid interest and control your flexible overdraft with a slider in-app.

The Business Account

We think business accounts should be straightforward, free and fast – so that’s exactly what we’ve built. No fuss, no monthly fees, no three week waits; just a smarter-than-average business account you can apply for in minutes at home.

Who We Are

We are passionate about providing finance to individuals, small and medium scale enterprises with the aim of alleviating and eradicating poverty. We design systems that enable you bank with us and also have access to our diverse range of financial facilities. 

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